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The 4c’s

The 4C’s of Diamond Quality are Cut, Carat, Color and Carat and a special bonus C. We’ve added a 5th C with our Conflict free-guarantee. These are the most important characteristics when purchasing a diamond. We’d love to educate you on diamond quality before shopping with Drenon. Stop in the store to see diamonds up close or further inquire about the 4C’s of diamond jewelry.


A diamond’s cut is often associated with the shape of the diamond (Oval, Pear, Emerald, etc.). The cut is also the diamond’s ability to transmit light and sparkle. Cut is the most important factor when purchasing a diamond, when cut too deep or too shallow a diamond can appear smaller than it actually is. It is ideal to have the perfect proportions to achieve the most light and sparkle.


Color is the natural body of the diamond and the quality is based on the absence of color. The Gemological Institute of America grades diamonds on a scale, from colorless to light(appearing yellow). The highest quality diamonds are colorless scaling down to lower quality with noticeable color.


Diamond Clarity is an overall assessment of the diamond including imperfections called “inclusions” on the surface. The GIA grades diamonds on a diamond clarity scale ranging from Included to Flawless, with Flawless having no visible inclusions. Flawless diamonds are very rare, less than 1% of diamonds have Flawless clarity making them more valuable.

Flawless or
Internally Flawless
Very, Very
Slightly Included
Very Slightly
VS1 - VS2
Slightly Included
SI1 - SI2
I1 - I3

Carat Weight

A Diamond’s carat is often referred to as its weight. Diamonds are normally priced based on carat, not to be confused with size. The larger the carat, the more rare the diamond is, making the diamond increase in price. Carat size is often measured by quarter carat weight, diameter(mm) and crown(total surface).

Confilct Free Guarantee

At Drenon we take pride in offering conflict-free diamonds. With a select group of diamond suppliers, we can proudly say our diamonds are ethical and responsibly sourced. We aim to be socially conscious and sensitive to customers that wish to have stunning diamonds that are not fueling conflict.