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Our History

In 1945, Mike Drenon opened up a shop in Fairmount fixing watches. He started with $500 and a shoebox. Mike’s passion and knowledge of jewelry within the Kansas City area started to grow and soon his family and friends joined the business. It all started with humble beginnings and is now a well-established store within the industry that has surpassed personal goals and customer’s dreams.

1945: The Beginning

Mike Drenon fell in love with repairing watches. Decided he wanted to open up a business. Mike and Pansy Drenon open the store.

1978: Second Generation Owners

Daughter Karen Frisch and Frankie take over business, was mostly a repair shop.

1980: Third Generation

Steve and Rhonda began working at the store as teenagers.

1989: Trip to Antwerp

We took our first trip to the diamond bourse in Antwerp, Belgium. Drenon starts buying diamonds direct.

1999: The Big Move

Drenon moves to second location on 2314 S. Lee’s Summit Rd.

2004: Ready for Rolex

We became an Official Rolex Jeweler and it quickly became our biggest brand.

2009: Along came Steve

Grandson Steve became our third generation owner, has been working at the store since he was 9.

2013: Custom at Drenon

Overhauled the shop to become a full-fledged Custom Design Studio.

2018: The Final Move

Drenon moves to the new 8,000 square foot location at 3727 S Bolger Rd.